Video: Lakers’ Kobe Bryant Unfairly Dunks on Clippers’ Chris Paul

Video: Lakers’ Kobe Bryant Unfairly Dunks on Clippers’ Chris Paul

12:02 pm

8358893In the battle of Los Angeles, the Lakers and Clippers engaged in a fierce battle on a Friday night. This time around, it was a Clippers home game so Lob City was in session.

And indeed it was. DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin were flying all over the place in the first quarter. It was a madhouse at Staples.

It was even going to be more of a madhouse after this play.

Chris Paul was doing a little dance against Steve Nash and threw a one-handed pass to Willie Green. But Kobe Bryant played it well and intercepted the pass.Bryant flew down the court as if it was 1997 as Paul and ¬†Green gave chase. Then as 1997 continued, Kobe went up and threw down the slam as Paul tried to challenge Bryant. Yeah, that wasn’t going to fly. After all, Kobe is a good six inches taller than CP3. But, hey, you gotta give Paul credit for trying, right?

Even still, Bryant is 34 years old and to see him effortlessly fly like that? That’s great. He’s really been a different animal this season compared to the last three years or so when he was basically playing on one leg. Again, it’s like we’re in a time warp of some sort. The dunk was definitely vintage Kobe Bryant.

Of course, Chris Paul would proceed to shake and bake the Lakers, score 30 points and 13 assists, and make a clutch jumper as the Clippers would go on to beat the Lakers for the second time this season and have a stranglehold on NBA basketball in Los Angeles this year. The Clippers would go on to 26-8 and have a virtual tie with Oklahoma City for the best record in the league. The Lakers would fall 10 games behind their crosstown rivals as they fall two games below .500 at 15-17.

But, hey, at least, this Kobe dunk will be a good memory, right?