Video: Lakers’ Kobe Bryant And Cavs’ Kyrie Irving Have A Duel

Video: Lakers’ Kobe Bryant And Cavs’ Kyrie Irving Have A Duel

1:30 pm

8297346If there was anything fun about the Lakers/Cavs match-up from last night, it was the fact that Kobe Bryant and Kyrie Irving had a bit of a duel. These guys have a little bit of a history. After all, Kyrie Irving challenged Kobe to a one-on-one game last summer.

As Kyrie Irving noted, he’s not Lil’ Bow Wow.

Kobe Bryant scored 42 points in this game. But Kyrie Irving would have the last laugh as he scored 28 points and led his team to victory, 100-94. Both individuals schooled their opposition for most of the night and it was quite a treat to watch.

And it was a treat to see them actually go one-on-one against each other. Irving tried to get at Kobe in the third quarter. At the end of the play, Kobe blocked Irving’s short jumper. That play seemed to wake the Lakers up as they cut down the double-digit deficit into single digits for the rest of the game.

But Kyrie wouldn’t let them lose. In the fourth quarter, Irving returned to fix a Cavs offense in the fourth quarter and immediately made an impact with a three-point play.

It was like the young lion against the old lion. Kobe really showed that he’s not about to hand over anything to the youngbloods (whoops). Kyrie, who can’t even buy a beer until March, wants to be one of the best and take his place among one of the best. It was really quite the highlight reel for both individuals.

But not a highlight for Lakers fans, though. As mentioned, the Lakers lost, 100-94, and the championship expectations continue to disappoint as L.A. goes to 9-13 for the season. The Cavs fans haven’t had much to cheer about this season; that was only their fifth victory in 22 games. But for one night, the Cavaliers gave Cleveland fans something to cheer about as their young phenom gives them a glimpse of what could happen in years to come.