Video: Lakers’ Dwight Howard Hits His Second Career 3-Pointer

Video: Lakers’ Dwight Howard Hits His Second Career 3-Pointer

1:33 pm

8494726Oh, Dwight. You’re such a ham.

The Lakers were already beating up on the Nuggets last night as they had 16 3-pointers to their statline (seven by Jodie Meeks in a breakout performance). With about a five-second differential between the game clock and the shot clock, I knew Los Angeles was going to put up one more shot.

And I wasn’t blind. I saw Dwight Howard parked in the corner. I knew what the… play was going to be.

So Chris Duhon went down the middle and whipped a past to D12 in the corner. He squared his twelve shoulders, bent his knees, and put up the shot in a really good-looking form. The ball was in line. So I wasn’t too shocked that he made it. But it was quite a delight for the Staples Center fans and Lakers fans all over. That gave Dwight Howard his second career three-pointer (his first one was during the 2006-07 season). While the fans in attendance didn’t get their tacos, this was a pretty good consolation prize (well, that’s not true; there’s hardly a consolation prize when you miss out on free food).

Yes, I know there’s that little unwritten rule about not shooting anymore when the game is well in hand. Usually, players let that go if the shot clock is still on. So Howard had to put it up. Of course, they could’ve been more honorable about it and let the shot clock expire without taking a shot but that was not going to happen. Which players do that?

So that shot behind the arc by Dwight gave the Lakers 17 three-pointers. The final score was Lakers 122, Nuggets 103. Sadly, Dwight Howard’s 3-point percentage is much better than his free throw percentage. To be fair, that was also Dwight’s first attempt from 3-point land.

Somewhere in Philadelphia, Andrew Bynum is in tears. If he wasn’t traded by the Lakers, that would’ve been his three-pointer.