Video: JaVale McGee Was Once Again Being JaVale McGee

Video: JaVale McGee Was Once Again Being JaVale McGee

8:00 am

8354746This is the quintessential JaVale McGee play.

First of all, I’m still laughing over this one. Thanks, Truth About It, for this eternal gem.

Now if you thought that was funny, check out the video below.

The Denver Nuggets and Indiana Pacers were locked in a close game during the third quarter. Sam Young of the Pacers missed a three-pointer. It was a loose ball and McGee ended up with the basketball. Let the fun and games begin.

JaVale goes behind the back with the ball and after that move, he was already stumbling his way on to halfcourt. He still insisted on bringing the ball up and as he lost balance, he threw up an alley-oop pass to the Manimal, Kenneth Faried.

The ball went to the tenth row as McGee fell.

What’s even funnier (at least, nobody was hurt) was him taking out his teammate, Ty Lawson. He made a bowling pin out of Lawson and when McGee got up, he didn’t even bother helping him up. Fantastic.

You can listen to Pacers’ color commentator Quinn Buckner. He already knew what was going to happen the minute McGee brought the ball down and tried to lead the fastbreak. I didn’t know what exactly would happen but I had a hunch it was going to be hilarious. McGee did not disappoint.

The Nuggets went on to beat the Pacers, 92-89. That was probably the only folly of McGee in that game. JaVale went for 20 points and didn’t miss on any of his nine field goal attempts. That’s the most shots made without a miss this season so, at least, McGee has that for this season.

But keep being you, Pierre. Keep doing those devastating dunks. Go run back on defense when nobody’s on the other side. Keep playing point guard when you have Ty Lawson. And throw alley-oop lob passes to the 20th row. You are one hell of an entertainer.