Video: James Harden’s Beard Puts Gordon Hayward In A Poster

Video: James Harden’s Beard Puts Gordon Hayward In A Poster

11:00 am

8501450The Houston Rockets/Utah Jazz game was an exciting affair. It ended in a 124-118 score that had the Houston Rockets winning.

What else happened? Well, we had one of the better posters of the season.

The Jazz had the ball. Mo Williams dribbled over a screen but found himself in a corner with Patrick Patterson and Jeremy Lin trapping him. Williams tried to make something out of it but threw a terrible pass to James Harden.

James Harden ran the court while Gordon Hayward tried to catch him. Harden went straight to the rim while Hayward, running down on the right side, tried to get an angle to reject his shot.

Hayward had no chance.

Harden, who isn’t exactly the best leaper in the business, had just enough ups to dunk it in Hayward’s face. It was a valiant effort by the Jazz swingman. But sometimes, valiant efforts aren’t good enough; Gordon Hayward got posterized by James Harden.

At least, Hayward can say that he beat Harden in a few categories in the individual box score. He finished with 21 points while Harden finished with “only” 18 points. Hayward also finished three-for-five behind the arc while Harden was one-for-three. So he has Harden beat in those categories.

Not only that but Hayward is also really good at Starcraft. I’m not sure if he’s still in it but he joined a professional gaming league last year with IGN. James Harden can probably one-up him by playing something like Super Smash Bros. Brawl or, everyone’s favorite, Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Turn pro, Harden, and beat Hayward in video games to embarrass him further.

Great. Now I got carried away. Bottom line, this was quite a poster on Hayward. And the Rockets beat the Jazz by six last night. James Harden won. And Gordon Hayward lost.

But at least, Hayward still has Starcraft.