VIDEO: Former Kings Guard Mike Bibby Ejected Out Of Son’s Game

VIDEO: Former Kings Guard Mike Bibby Ejected Out Of Son’s Game

3:32 pm

6234906Last we heard of Mike Bibby, he was trying for one more shot in the NBA. It seems that his fire is still there. Check out this article from ABC15.Com from Arizona:

Mike Bibby got ejected and then escorted. Ejected from the game by the refs and escorted out of the gymnasium by Scottsdale police.

Of course, nearly twenty years ago, Bibby led Shadow Mountain to its first state basketball championship (followed by a national title at UA and then a 14 year NBA career).

This season, Bibby has been attending games to watch his son – point guard Michael Bibby.

As usual, Bibby was in the stands for this sectional game. He was arguing with the refs until he was forced to leave with a police escort, thereby creating quite the memorable moment – for all the wrong reasons.

At least, Mike Bibby is being a good parent by watching his kid’s games. But you know, there’s no need for that extracurricular activity. Just watch the game and be quiet. But I suppose that’s a lot to ask for a former NBA player. The competitive juices are still there.

As far as the question of why he’s not on a team? Well, his skills have drastically eroded over the last few years. He was with the Knicks last season and was mainly a spot-up three-point shooter with them in the postseason. But for the most part, faster, younger point guards would just leave him in the dust. I’m a little surprised he hasn’t gotten a call from a team yet on name recognition alone. If Derek Fisher was able to get a call, why not Bibby, right?

He has made no secret that he wants one more run at the title. The closest he got to the NBA championship was in the 2011 NBA Finals when he was with the Miami Heat. The Heat would eventually fall to the Dallas Mavericks in six hotly-contested games. As a core player, the former Arizona Wildcat helped take the Sacramento Kings to the Western Conference Finals in 2002. The Kings fell to the Lakers in seven games. He would make the game-winning shot in Game Five of that series and famously kept the Kings in the game in a classic Game Seven.

But in the meantime, while he’s not getting any calls from NBA teams, I guess he’ll continue getting ejected from his son’s games. Just kidding, Mike.

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