Video: Chris Duhon/Joey Crawford With The Best Danceoff Ever

Video: Chris Duhon/Joey Crawford With The Best Danceoff Ever

12:00 pm

6970832First off, Chris Duhon became a sensation due to the travel dance. This happened during Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Playoffs between the Indiana Pacers and the Orlando Magic in a first-round match-up. Danny Granger got called for traveling in a critical play. The Magic bench celebrated… and there was Duhon doing a “travel dance.” The Magic went on to win that game, 81-77, but the Pacers went on to win the series.

In a twist of fate, here we are again with the Pacers AND Chris Duhon (this time with the Lakers). David West went in for the drive while Duhon attempted to draw the charge. Ref Joey Crawford called it a block but while doing so, he high-stepped towards the scorer’s table as he called the most enthusiastic blocking call ever.

Of course, we couldn’t ignore this. So the internets went to work.

The rest was history. Who has the better dance? Chris Duhon or Joey Crawford? I don’t know. This is a pretty tough choice. They have pretty good song choices, too. I guess it depends on what song you like better.

Oh, by the way, the Pacers got their revenge on Chris Duhon as they went on to win, 79-77, due to a lay-up by George Hill. But that’s okay, Chris. You keep dancing. You, too, Mr. Crawford.

Fantastic work on the video, Zach Harper of CBS Sports. You win the internets.