Video: Cavaliers’ Kyrie Irving Hands Charlotte Yet Another Loss

Video: Cavaliers’ Kyrie Irving Hands Charlotte Yet Another Loss

12:30 pm

8475475Kyrie Irving has been known to do this for a time or two.

The Cleveland Cavaliers led by as many as 18 points in their game against the Charlotte Bobcats on Friday night. But the Bobcats stormed back and even took a 91-90 lead at one point.

Uncle Drew decided that he had enough.

Kyrie Irving would go on a tear, scoring 14 of the next 16 Cavalier points with three-pointers and drives to the basket. Still, the Bobcats would keep pace. Gerald Henderson would tie the game at 104 with 16 seconds left. This would set the stage for the former Duke Blue Devil.

I am not an advocate of “Hero Ball.” Those kinds of plays, of course, would put guys like Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, and Chris Paul on another level but I’m more of a fan of well-executed plays with good shots at the end of games. Nevertheless, Kyrie Irving had the ball and ran down the clock. Jeffrey Taylor from the Bobcats was guarding him one-on-one.

I would think that the Bobcats would try to play help defense and have someone else other than Irving beat them. But the help never came. Kyrie drove down the right side, stopped on a dime, pulled-up for a short fadeaway jumper, and made the bucket with one second left. It was quite a difficult shot but this is how heroes are made. Henderson would miss a desperation three and the Cavs would win the game, 106-104.

I’m pretty sure the other option was going to be a drive and kick. But otherwise, it was a straight isolation play. Some of the Bobcats kept an eye on Irving but still stayed at home on their guys. Irving just made a great offensive play and not many in the league can do that.

The Bobcats have now lost 19 of their last 20 games. And the Cavaliers won their eighth game of the season. It was a great game played by two poor, unheralded teams. But watching Kyrie Irving do stuff like this is always worth the price of admission.