The Oklahoma City Thunder Fairy Tale

The Oklahoma City Thunder Fairy Tale

4:45 pm

8501445This is one of the better reads you NBA fans will have today.

Sam Anderson composed this beautifully written piece about how Oklahoma City grew as the Thunder got better. It had a few profiles such as Kevin Durant, general manager Sam Presti, and James Harden (who was recently traded to Houston). It talked about how the Thunder are basically in one with the community; Oklahoma City really, REALLY loves this team.

Just as the Thunder got better, the city of Oklahoma City grew (that’s the official name, apparently). Check out an excerpt from Anderson’s piece.

This, then, is part of the city’s love affair with the Thunder. It’s more than just a basketball team: it’s the culmination of 20 years of civic reinvention, and the promise of more to come. Over the last five years, the city and its team have undergone a perfect mind meld, so at this point it’s impossible to talk about one without talking about the other.

Again, it’s a great read for NBA fans and it will give you a better appreciation of the Oklahoma City Thunder. It was really too bad that the trade of Harden seemed to have stalled momentum a bit. The team seemed very harmonious, just as they had been with the community. But as long as humble superstar Kevin Durant is around (this piece makes it seem like he’s the nicest person in the world… and I can believe that), they’re going to be a force in the NBA for a long, long time.

And if this season ends in an Oklahoma City Thunder championship, then this truly would be a fairy tale.