The Charity Stripe: Salmons As Kings Leader; Durant For MVP?

The Charity Stripe: Salmons As Kings Leader; Durant For MVP?

2:45 pm

8369769The Charity Stripe is a collection of links around the NBA. They may not have gotten their own posts on here but that doesn’t mean they’re not worth reading. Go ahead and hit ’em from the Charity Stripe.

Jon Santiago from Cowbell Kingdom talks about John Salmons becoming the locker room leader in Sacramento. At 32, Salmons has become the oldest player on the Kings and while he doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to be a leader, he has embraced his new role. Good for John to do this.

The writer that goes by “wjsy” talked about a Paul Pierce/Pau Gasol swap at CelticsBlog. Yeah, I don’t think that would fly in Boston.

Seth Rosenthal has a list of menacing phrases David Stern could use to discipline NBA teams. I personally like “gargantuan penalties.”

Aaron Bruski writes this excellent piece in ProBasketballTalk about the NBA owners having to choose between the city of Sacramento and the Maloofs. The saga continues…

Sean Highkin writes this piece on past all-stars that were on lottery teams (which, by the way, includes Steve Nash from last season). We’re all hoping Anderson Varejao makes the team (who is averaging an insane 15.2 points and 15.4 boards per game at the moment).

Tony Ramsey thinks that Kevin Durant has the resume for MVP honors. While it is early in the season, Durant has shown more improvements in his already-frightening game with his rebounding, ball-handling, passing, and his defense. He can definitely unseat LeBron James as the Most Valuable Player this season.

Andres Alvarez explains in The Wages Of Wins Journal about how the Rockets win from last night is the worst win in 18 years. Very good case. Dismal shooting from the field and 3-point land as well as terrible defense throughout the game. How did they win?

Speaking of that game; Craig Ackerman, who is the voice of the Houston Rockets radio broadcast, had the best call of last night when he mentioned that the Lakers pooped in their big boy pants. Clever. That was the best use of “big boy pants” outside of Kobe and I hope I never hear/read it again after that.