The Charity Stripe: Sacramento Fights; NBA Was Saved In Denver

The Charity Stripe: Sacramento Fights; NBA Was Saved In Denver

2:30 pm

7226570uspw_6923708The Charity Stripe is a collection of links around the NBA. They may not have gotten their own posts on here but that doesn’t mean they’re not worth reading. Go ahead and hit ’em from the Charity Stripe.

Tom Ziller has a counter for that Sonicsgate letter with a letter of his own about the Sacramento Kings. Ziller says that their team hasn’t been taken away and that they have only begun to fight.

In that same vein, check out this article written by Jeffrey Morton of Denver Stiffs about how the Pepsi Center saved NBA basketball in Denver. Fantastic, intricate piece.

Amar from SLC Dunk (a Utah Jazz blog) writes about his man-crush on the Pistons’ Andre Drummond. As if the Jazz need any more good frontcourt players, right?

Jovan Buha of ClipperBlog writes about the case of Chris Paul for Most Valuable Player this season. There’s no doubt that he should be mentioned along with Kevin Durant and LeBron James for the award.

Justin F. of Liberty Ballers talks about former Sixer Nikola Vucevic, who is flourishing in Orlando. He reasons that Vucevic would’ve never worked out in Philly, especially since the Sixers kept Spencer Hawes. Whoops.

Nate Smith of Cavs: The Blog debunks the myth about the Cavaliers being jobbed by shoddy officiating. It’s certainly deeper than that and I personally don’t like it when officials get blamed by fans if their team isn’t winning. Thanks, Nate!

A nice breakdown of how the Charlotte Bobcats basically give away three-point shots to opposing teams.

Aren’t you all excited for Kobe Bryant Vs LeBron James? Here we go again. Although I must say, since they haven’t met in the NBA Finals, it feels like a forced rivalry.

The Pistons’ Kyle Singler has more trick shots for you.

The Spurs beat the Grizzlies by nearly a thousand points on Wednesday night. At least, that’s what the screengrab said.