The Charity Stripe: Brooklyn And Heroball; Roy Hibbert’s Hero

The Charity Stripe: Brooklyn And Heroball; Roy Hibbert’s Hero

2:05 pm

7774660NBA: Brooklyn Nets at Chicago BullsThe Charity Stripe is a collection of links around the NBA. They may not have gotten their own posts on here but that doesn’t mean they’re not worth reading. Go ahead and hit ’em from the Charity Stripe.

Devin Kharpertian from The Brooklyn Game doesn’t understand why Avery Johnson is playing heroball with his guys when they have plenty of players that play very well off the ball. I would also like to see more teamwork-oriented ball at the end of games instead of isolations that lead to terrible jumpers. You can still shoot jumpers at the end of games but it doesn’t have to be the fadeaway or shoot-over-someone types. Try to get better looks, guys.

Noam Schiller wrote this in Magic Basketball: the Brandon Bass/Glen Davis swap between the Magic and the Celtics. He believes both teams came out of it just fine.

Cartier Martin has become an important player in the Wizards’ newly-tightened rotation, says Amin Vafa. It’s mostly due to injuries and a couple of players slumping but, hey, when the opportunity is there, you take it. Ask Jeremy Lin about New York.

Andre Drummond could very well be a very good player in the NBA, according to Philip Rossman-Reich. While he didn’t exactly thrive in the college game, Drummond could be something special in the pros as he seems to be ahead of the curve for a 19-year-old. The focus problems that dogged him in that one year in Connecticut are no longer there.

The Spurs are 4-0 when Tiago Splitter and Tim Duncan start together. Also, the team is better in all sorts of statistics, according to Andrew A. McNeill, when Duncan and Splitter are playing together. Tiago Splitter for MVP? I kid, I kid.

Ananth Pandian transcribed this fantastic talk between the Indiana Pacers’ center Roy Hibbert and former Parks and Recreation writer Chelsea Peretti. Roy Hibbert’s hero was apparently the Green Power Ranger. In that case, I’d like to claim Roy Hibbert as my new hero. Anyone who mentioned one of the Power Rangers as their hero automatically gets hero status from me.

The Lakers want to wish you a Merry Christmas. Of course, you get to hear Dwight Howard’s outstanding singing.

The Toronto Raptors’ Jonas Valanciunas has way more artistic talent than I do.