The Black Hole Bracket: Raiders Quarterbacks Of The Last 10 Years Pt....

The Black Hole Bracket: Raiders Quarterbacks Of The Last 10 Years Pt. 2

9:57 am

USATSI_8201020_154224518_lowresWe’ve finally completed the first round of the Raiders Futility bracket, and things went pretty much as we expected them to. There were no major upsets, but the Number 9 seeded Josh McCown did edge out the Number 8 seed Aaron Brooks in what was the closest match up of the entire first round. Before we get into the second round of voting, let’s take a look at all of the 1st round match ups. The bolded quarterback won his first-round match up and has moved on to the second round of voting.

1. Andrew Walter
16. Rich Gannon

8. Aaron Brooks
9. Josh McCown

5. Marques Tuiasosopo
12. Bruce Gradkowski

4. Rick Mirer
13. Carson Palmer

3. Kyle Boller
14. Kerry Collins

6. Matt Leinart
11. Daunte Culpepper

7. Charlie Frye
10. Terrelle Pryor

2. Jamarcus Russell
15. Jason Campbell

The top half of the bracket for the 2nd round seems the most interesting with the Andrew Walter and Josh McCown match up. The 4/5 Mirer/Tuiasosopo match up should also be close because they were both so awful. The bottom half shouldn’t be any surprises. Bolller should roll against Leinart and Russell should roll against Frye — but this is why we have the votes as you never know. An upset could be brewing, and it will be your votes to determine whether or not it happens.

Check back with us tomorrow as we announce the 2nd round winners and look forward to the semi-finals. Make sure you’re following our twitter account (@NFLSportsCity) and like our Facebook page here to participate in the voting all day today.