Terrell Owens Begged For 10-Day Contract With Clippers

Terrell Owens Begged For 10-Day Contract With Clippers

4:42 pm

USATSI_7545785_154224518_lowresThe Terrell Owens era in the NFL is over with no team in the league willing to sign the veteran wide receiver even with depleted and lackluster receiving corps of the Seattle Seahawks and New York Jets passing on the opportunity.

Apparently, Owens was getting so desperate for a paycheck and another opportunity to play on a professional level that he was begging the Los Angeles Clippers to sign him to a 10-day contract during the off-season according to Blake Griffin via Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk:

“Terrell Owens is always — he was at our practice facility this summer, begging coaches for a 10-day contract,” Griffin said on the Dan Patrick Show.

Much like many NFL players, mostly tight ends, Owens has some basketball skills that might merit a team to take a chance on signing him. Unfortunately, at 39-years old, no team in the NBA or NFL is willing to give Owens a shot even in a publicity stunt capacity.

After 15 seasons in the NFL, Owens has an impressive resume to say the least. Owens racked up 15,934 receiving yards which is second all-time in the NFL behind Hall of Famer Jerry Rice (22,895).

The former NFL journeyman is also third on the NFL’s all-time receiving touchdown list with 153 behind the San Francisco 49ers’ Randy Moss (155) and Rice (197). Ironically enough, three of the best wide receivers in NFL history in terms of these two category have played for the 49ers.

At this point in time, it appears that Owens’ professional sports career is over. The offers have stopped coming in and father time is starting to creep up on Owens whether or not his physical appearances shows it or not.

Although Owens will go down as one of the best at his position, the 39-year-old will not be able to walk away from the game the way he may have planned. It’s a sad ending to a historic NFL career, but it’s safe to say the Owens didn’t help matters with the way he handled things over the course of his career.