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2013 All-Star Game NBA Photo Gallery: February 17, 2013

The 2013 All-Star Game was close and it ended up with a 143-138 Western Conference victory. It was a nice mix of entertainment and...

NBA All-Star Weekend Recap: West Beats East; Ross Wins Dunk Title

The All-Star Weekend was packed with some fun events and provided a much-needed break for the NBA players. Well, maybe not so much of...

NBA Tweets Of All-Star Game And Michael Jordan’s 50th Birthday

NBA players, just like most of us, love to do the Twitter thing. Check out some of their innermost (not really) thoughts that they...

All-Star Game Crunch Time Provides Fuel To Kobe And LeBron Fire

The 2013 All-Star weekend came to a close with the 62th Annual All-Star game and a 143-138 win for the Western Conference. The game...

VIDEO: Lakers’ Kobe Bryant Rejects Heat’s LeBron James Again

What is going on here?!

VIDEO: Blake Griffin Goes Off The Glass For The Powerful Dunk

Blake Griffin, please do the dunk contest again. So you can do stuff like you did in the All-Star game. Like this dunk!

VIDEO: Kobe Bryant Crosses Over Chris Bosh And Makes Him Cry

Chris Bosh was the whipping boy in this All-Star game. This time around, Kobe Bryant crosses him over. That is so mean, Kobe.

VIDEO: Kobe Bryant Rejects LeBron Because Old Men Can Still Play

He can still play basketball, ladies and gentlemen -- and defense when he wants to.

VIDEO: Kevin Durant Throws Down The Vicious One-Handed Slam

When Kevin Durant is running down the lane like this, you'd better get out of the way. These players are wise.

VIDEO: Dwight Howard Makes A Three-Pointer In The All-Star Game

Dwight Howard vowed he'd make a three-pointer in the All-Star game. He made one in the third quarter. Then he steals Russell Westbrook's celebration. Jerk. (H/T:

VIDEO: Russell Westbrook With The Gorgeous In-Air Reverse

James Harden passes it to his former teammate, Russell Westbrook, for a double clutch reverse lay-up. That was really difficult, guys.

VIDEO: Joakim Noah Pulls A Crossover On Zach Randolph

Joakim Noah, a seven-footer, does a crossover on Zach Randolph. It's like a seven-foot version of Allen Iverson! Okay, not really.