Source: Chris Paul ‘No Objections’ After Clippers Trade Collapsed

Source: Chris Paul ‘No Objections’ After Clippers Trade Collapsed

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So much for Celtics West, for the moment, at least.

Having somehow figured out why not to take Doc Rivers and Kevin Garnett for DeAndre Jordan and two No. 1 picks, the Clippers, at least, get one thing out of it:

They get their identity back.

With Doc, KG, and Paul Pierce supposedly set to follow, the Clippers would have looked like the Celtics’ Pacific Division surrogates–in the middle of Lakerdom, which would have turned the (yawn) intra-city rivalry in a holy war.

Of course, we’re not sure which identity the Clippers are getting back their new exciting, dunking, Lob City rep or their old cheap, bumbling, incompetent, erratic, clueless, et al. rep.

At least it’s not all going to collapse overnight.

The team has been in contact Chris Paul throughout the talks and raised no objection when the deal collapsed, a Clipper source told Sports City.

How sincere was CP3?

We’ll see soon enough. He becomes a free agent on July 1.

The source confirms the deal broke up over the issue of how many No. 1 picks the Celtics would get as compensation for releasing Rivers. The Celtics wanted two, the Clippers offered one. If we have to wait and see with CP3, I take this one at face value. Who would make up something so dumb?

Aside from the draft pick(s), the Clippers would have only given up DeAndre Jordan, who went from an exciting second-round coup to a 25-minute-a-game, non-free-throw shooting klutz at $12 million per. Worse, Jordan is a bad fit with Blake Griffin. Pals though they are, Jordan can’t draw his defender out of the lane to let Griffin work in the low post.

Instead, Jordan’s defender stays in the lane to help jam up Blake. The Clippers need a center with high-post skills like Garnett.

If they’re serious about upgrading the position, it may mean trading Eric Bledsoe, whom they had successfully kept out of the Celtic deal. Even leaving Doc, a major asset, out of it, I’d rather have KG and Bledsoe than Jordan and those No. 1 picks.

Of course, if this deal is dead, some turn out to be deader than others. Boston GM Danny Ainge has reportedly told Rivers they want him back as their coach. I’d bet all I have that Doc told him he needs a few days to think it over.

And one of the things Doc may be thinking about is, what’s the chances these teams get back together?

Hey, one of these teams is the Clippers. Toss out the book when they’re involved.


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