Sixers Coach Collins Still Says Bynum Is Far Away From Playing

Sixers Coach Collins Still Says Bynum Is Far Away From Playing

9:15 am

8428214The last time we heard from Andrew Bynum, center of the Philadelphia 76ers, he said a few days ago that he was a week away from practicing.

Well, he practiced Friday afternoon and, well, it wasn’t exactly the results everyone wanted. Sixers head coach opined about this to ESPN earlier on Saturday. Here’s the story from Brian Windhorst:

Speaking before the 76ers hosted the Miami Heat on Saturday, Collins said that Bynum’s brief five-on-five workout only showed how far away he is from being able to play, and hinted at just what a lost season this has been for the team.

“He looked like a guy who hadn’t played in nine months,” Collins said. “I don’t think any bells and whistles should be sent off that he’s close to playing.”

Bynum had mentioned that he was 100 percent that he would play this season. But if he’s not close to playing, according to the coach, and we’re a week away from March, this could be bad news for the Sixers and their fans. The Sixers could definitely use Bynum in their stretch run; they are still 3.5 games behind the eighth-seeded Milwaukee Bucks going into their Saturday night game against Miami. Worse comes to wost, they can assess his value and see if they should re-sign him to a long term deal as he is a free agent at the end of this season.

Before Bynum mentioned about practicing, he said that he may not be able to play by the end of February. It seems like he’s right on schedule in that aspect but with him doing so poorly in practices, there could still be a chance he misses the entire season.

But, hey, we still have Bynum’s entertaining antics off the court, right?