Sixers’ Andrew Bynum Has Setback; Both Knees Have Swelling

Sixers’ Andrew Bynum Has Setback; Both Knees Have Swelling

3:30 pm

7827250Sixers beat writer for the Delaware County Daily Times, Christopher Vito, has new information about Andrew Bynum’s health

Both knees are swelling yet he doesn’t expect the timetable to change. That timetable went from December to January a few days ago, though. So if both of his knees are experiencing swelling… well, this can’t be a good thing. The initial issue was with only the right knee.

And what’s even worse is that Bynum didn’t mention about the swelling on his left knee until a couple of days ago. This is likely not going to end well.

Sixers fans were very excited about the acquisition of Bynum in the offseason. After all, Bynum, despite him admittedly loafing around in some games, averaged 18.7 points and 11.8 boards per game last year in a breakout all-star year. But he hasn’t played a game this season and has made more headlines with his wild hair rather than his play on the court.

Bynum is also a free agent after this season. With him not playing as many games, his value goes down quite a bit and he may not be able to cash in as much in a bank of any city of his choosing (just paraphrasing his “there’s a bank in every city” comment).

As mentioned, Bynum said his timetable hasn’t changed; his expected return to the court is January. But don’t be surprised if this changes in the next few days.