Rumors of Gretzky as Maple Leafs President Shot Down

Rumors of Gretzky as Maple Leafs President Shot Down

5:56 pm

USATSI_8381785_154224518_lowresNick Kypreos, Damien Cox and Bob McCown discussed on the Prime Time Sports the idea of Wayne Gretzky going the Maple Leafs, maybe in the presidency role. Click here for the audio.

From their talks:

“I’ve often thought Wayne Gretzky was coming back to Toronto,” Cox said on Prime Time Sports Wednesday. If you’re Bell and Rogers, who would be better than Wayne Gretzky as president of the Toronto Maple Leafs.”

“Only chance we see Wayne back in NHL in that type of capacity,” Kypreos told Cox and McCown. “If not, ownership again and I don’t know if he would be interested (in that) with everything he’s gone through with Phoenix.”

Bobcat throws it out on twitter with Kypreos responding.

Kypreos followed up with:

Not everyone is hearing that the Leafs are looking at Gretzky.

Responding to the talk of Gretzky joining the Maple Leafs, Bob McKenzie gives his thoughts.

David Shoalts of the Globe and Mail had one source tell him: “I never heard this in my life. I do not believe there is anything to this story.” Another source added that though Gretzky has experience running the hockey operations, MLSE chose Dave Nonis.

Gretzky left the Phoenix Coyotes in 2009, and hasn’t returned to the game.