Royce White Could Return To The Rockets Pending “Paper Work”

Royce White Could Return To The Rockets Pending “Paper Work”

2:19 pm

7494670We have been keeping up with this Royce White saga all season long. And he hasn’t even played a regular season game in the NBA.

But there may be a resolution soon. Maybe. Here’s Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle with the report:

Rookie forward Royce White is close to returning to the Rockets and to reporting to their D-League affiliate.

In a call in to a morning show on 97.9 The Box, White said he plans to report to the D-League on Feb. 11, pending “paper work” on a plan with the team.

It’s been a roller-coaster ride for Royce White. He was said to be a lottery pick if it weren’t for his anxiety disorder. He was drafted 16th overall by the Houston Rockets. On the surface, the main issue was how White was going to handle flying. There were also conditions about him taking the bus if the road trip was short enough.

But as time went on, White became harder and harder to deal with. He initially wasn’t happy about being sent down to the D-League last November. The Rockets had no choice but to fine him every day he missed practice. While the Rocket tried to find solutions about this problem, Royce White fired away about the Rockets and the league on his Twitter account. Things apparently got better as the Rockets had set up a plan to get White back on to the team.

One of those steps included going back to the D-League. White turned down the assignment a few weeks ago. At that point, it seemed like it was more of a case of him not wanting to go to the D-League because of fear of being “demoted.” White continued to say that the Rockets and the league weren’t doing “enough” for him but he never specified what they were doing wrong. In a radio interview a couple of weeks ago, White mentioned that he might never play in the NBA due to the fact that there was no league-wide protocol about mental health.

The Rockets then suspended White for “refusing to provide services required by his uniform player contract. But now it seems that plans have resurfaced to get White back on the court, and that includes the mental health protocols that White had been talking about for the past few weeks. Hopefully, they can resolve this soon and White can go on and have a healthy career in the NBA.