Rockets’ Royce White Suspended After Refusing D-League Assignment

Rockets’ Royce White Suspended After Refusing D-League Assignment

8:47 am

7458253Maybe this saga will come to an end soon as the Houston Rockets have finally taken action about their rookie, Royce White.

The Rockets took a huge risk when they drafted Royce White with the 16th pick of the draft. It was said that he would be a lottery pick if it wasn’t for his condition, which is an anxiety disorder. The main issue about White was how he was going to handle flying. There were conditions about him taking the bus if the road trip was short enough.

But White became harder and harder to deal with. He initially wasn’t happy because he was going to be sent down to the D-League. The Rockets had no choice but to fine him every day he missed practice. They kept trying to find solutions while White wailed away on his Twitter account about the Rockets and the NBA. Then things apparently got a little better and the Rockets had set up a plan to get White back into the team.

Of course, that included going to the D-League. Then Royce White turned down the assignment last week. At this point, it seemed like it was more of a case of him not wanting to have to go through D-League because he was afraid of getting “demoted.” White continued to say that the Rockets and the league aren’t doing “enough” for him but he was never specific on what they were doing and what he wanted. In a recent interview, White even said it was highly likely he may never play in the NBA because there was no league-wide protocol about mental health.

Well, the Rockets have certainly taken the first step toward him not playing in the league at all. White hasn’t listened to reason at all. He was trying to get it his way and refused to compromise with the Rockets. And the Rockets have been very, very patient with this individual. It’s really too bad he’s acting this way because he could’ve used the NBA as a platform for mental health awareness the same way Ron Artest/Metta World Peace has in the past. Now he may never even get a chance to don a Rockets uniform and he may never get a chance to play in the NBA because of the way he’s been acting.