Rockets Acquire Robinson From Kings, Trade Marcus Morris To Suns

Rockets Acquire Robinson From Kings, Trade Marcus Morris To Suns

5:11 pm

8487877We have a trade! We have a trade, ladies and gentlemen! It’s a bit of a surprise even if it’s not exactly the biggest name in the biz. Take it away, Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports!

So the Houston Rockets receive the #5 overall pick of the 2012 NBA Draft. What are the Kings doing? So do they get Marcus Morris, who had been pulled out of their Wednesday game against Oklahoma City?


It looks like the Suns will get to have Marcus and Markieff Morris on the Phoenix Suns. And, yes, they are twins that were born seven minutes apart. That’s going to be really fun.

But, anyway, what did the Sacramento Kings get out of this?!

Patrick Patterson had played relatively well for the Houston Rockets. Toney Douglas was getting pretty good minutes behind Jeremy Lin. Cole Aldrich really wasn’t playing much for them.

But the Rockets get potential in Thomas Robinson. He gets to join a line-up that includes James Harden, Jeremy Lin, Omer Asik, and Chandler Parsons. That will be a fun starting five if he does get to start.

While Patterson isn’t playing well at the moment, he is a very good rebounder. Teaming up with Asik in the rebound department? It’s going to be a tough go for teams to get boards against them.

As for the Sacramento Kings, well, I don’t even know. They gave up too early on Thomas Robinson and now they have some scraps to work with. I suppose Douglas can be a back-up guard but they already have Aaron Brooks, Jimmer Fredette, and Isaiah Thomas. Cole Aldrich has never proved anything and I suppose Patrick Patterson can take Robinson’s spot. It’s just that I don’t think Patterson will get much better than he is now. It’s really troubling in Sacramento.

Houston gets Thomas Robinson and some picks. Not bad at all, Daryl Morey. Not bad at all.