Rob Manfred Wins Vote, Named Next MLB Commissioner

Rob Manfred Wins Vote, Named Next MLB Commissioner

9:49 am
H.Darr Beiser-USA TODAY Sports

Rob Manfred has worked with Major League Baseball for more than 15 years, now he is moving into the top spot as he has been voted the next MLB Commissioner according to ESPN:

Rob Manfred was elected baseball’s 10th commissioner Thursday, winning a three-man competition to succeed Bud Selig and given a mandate by the tradition-bound sport to recapture young fans and speed play in an era that has seen competition increase and attention spans shrink.

The challenge facing Manfred is a tough one as was stated by ESPN. Baseball’s popularity is dipping in America thanks to increasing game times, and lack of accessibility.

The National Football League is far ahead of every other sport in America, and the NBA has seemed to surpass baseball as well, especially when it comes to star power.

Manfred will of course succeed Bud Selig who is responsible for some extremely important and positive changes in the MLB, but also has some knocks on his record, most notably the steroid era.

Despite the challenge, Manfred seems ready to take on the job:

I am tremendously honored by the confidence that the owners showed in me today. I have very big shoes to fill.

Selig will continue in his role as commissioner until January 25 when Manfred will officially take over. This will also mark a major generational change as the 80-year old Selig gives way to the 55-year old Manfred.