Report: Wolves’ Brandon Roy Having Right Knee Surgery This Week

Report: Wolves’ Brandon Roy Having Right Knee Surgery This Week

6:46 am

8446303This is a pretty heartbreaking situation. Former Blazer and current T-Wolves guard Brandon Roy is scheduled for knee surgery this week. This coming Friday would’ve been the return of the beloved Portland Trail Blazer to the Rose Garden as an opponent. There is no timetable on when he can return.

From The Oregonian:

On Thursday in Minneapolis, Roy was still hopeful he would be able to play Friday in Portland, where he spent his first five seasons. But he said no matter what happens the rest of this season, he has no regrets.

“I wouldn’t be disappointed either way,’’ Roy said. “If it ends in three weeks, it ends. It’s over. I’m totally satisfied with what I’ve done. I know the sacrifice and the effort that I put into coming back. It took a lot of discipline to get to where I am, That’s all I care about: how hard I’ve worked.’’

Roy’s career has been tragic. His knees cut his NBA career short and Roy was forced to retire before the end of the 2011-12 season. He decided to give it one more shot before this season when he signed with the Minnesota Timberwolves. He aggravated the knee several times, including Nov. 9th in a game against the Pacers. Roy hasn’t played since.

I’m not one to tell an athlete what to do. I actually applaud Roy for giving it one more shot. If I were in Roy’s shoes, I know I would likely do the same thing. This is the game Brandon Roy loves. This is the dream he wanted to achieve. In some ways, the game is all Roy knows. So if he didn’t try to make that comeback, he would’ve regretted it.

But at some point, he has to know it’s not worth it. Roy is 28 years old and has a long life ahead of him. Yes, he’s obviously well off because of what he made in the NBA. But he can’t enjoy the fruits of his career if he has a hard time walking. Does he want to risk being in a wheelchair as his children grow up? Is it really worth that much trouble if only he can get one or two more seasons as an NBA player?

Nevertheless, I’m not Brandon Roy. He’ll make the best choice for himself; he’s a smart individual. We all want to see him succeed on the basketball court but it’s okay if he decides he’s had enough. There is absolutely no shame on calling it quits just so he can stay healthy.

Roy has averaged 5.8 points and 4.6 assists in five games this season. He was a three-time all-star in Portland and has career averages of 18.8 points, 4.3 rebounds, and 4.7 assists.