Report: Sixers’ Andrew Bynum May Not Be Back By End Of February

Report: Sixers’ Andrew Bynum May Not Be Back By End Of February

10:25 am

7827250We haven’t heard much about Andrew Bynum’s status as of late. Well, we have one here and it doesn’t sound good. Here’s Tom Moore from Philly Burbs with the story:

PHILADELPHIA — Andrew Bynum is experiencing some pain in his left knee and said he might not be able to play by the end of this month.

Speaking to the media prior to Monday night’s game against the Clippers, Bynum said he “worked hard for two days on the court and then I got a lot pain, so we backed down a little today. I’ll probably go on (the anti-gravity machine Tuesday).”

A lot of pain on his left knee. Oh, boy. More from Bynum:

While Bynum added he’s “not really optimistic,” the pain “limits” what he does and shows he’s “not ready yet,” he also claimed Sunday’s pain doesn’t signify a setback.

I don’t know how this does not signify a setback; it’s been setback after setback for Bynum, who was originally going to be back by December initially. He’s claimed that he would be back by the All-Star break although there was still no official timetable for the big man to come back. Bynum started shooting around last month. And in December, he was talking about how his right knee was feeling better while his left knee wasn’t exactly on the same level.

The Sixers had hoped for Bynum to be the cornerstone of the franchise but at this point, they’ll settle for him just getting on the court. Bynum damaged his left knee while bowling after he mentioned that both of his knees were swelling. If his knees weren’t making news, it was all about his hair. It’s been quite a season for Bynum and none of them has anything to do with the basketball court.

Bynum was acquired by the Sixers in the four-team megadeal that also involved the Denver Nuggets, Orlando Magic, and Los Angeles Lakers. The deal also netted them Jason Richardson, who is out for the year because of knee surgery. He had a breakthrough season last year, averaging 18.7 points and 11.8 rebounds per game for the Lakers. Bynum became an all-star that year for the first time.

The Sixers, who lost Monday night against the Clippers, are 22-28 and three games out of the eighth spot in the Eastern Conference.