Report: Many NBA Teams In The Mix For Josh Smith Sweepstakes

Report: Many NBA Teams In The Mix For Josh Smith Sweepstakes

12:00 pm

8489925When it comes to trade rumors this weekend, it’s been a lot of talk about Kevin Garnett. But Garnett insists retiring with the green uniform, he hasn’t made any inclination about waiving his no-trade clause so far. For Garnett to have one last crack at a title, though, he might have to get out of Boston as three of their players are out for the season, including enigmatic (but excellent) point guard Rajon Rondo.

The other name that’s been talked about? Josh Smith. It was reported that the Spurs were interested in his services as well as the Brooklyn Nets.

Apparently, according to ace reporter Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, it’s not just the Spurs and Nets interested in the power forward. Here’s his report.

Josh Smith is in trade rumors seemingly every season. But this summer, he’s a free agent and Smith wants something close to a max deal (or the max deal itself). The Atlanta Hawks are likely not going to be able to give him what he wants so they’re shopping him around to avoid losing him for nothing. They may also deal him for expiring contracts so they can have cap space for next season to sign some marquee free agents. It’s unlikely Chris Paul or Dwight Howard would go to the Hawks but there are plenty of good players in that pool.

Nevertheless, the Bucks could use someone like Josh Smith. The Celtics are depleted so they can use him as well. The Sixers and Wizards need more talent while the Nets are so determined to add another big. The Spurs weren’t mentioned but they somehow find their way into the mix to get richer.

With the trading deadline four days away, it’ll be interesting to see what happens to Smith. What will the Hawks do? Stay tuned.