Report: Knicks Recording Carmelo Anthony’s On-Court Conversations

Report: Knicks Recording Carmelo Anthony’s On-Court Conversations

1:00 pm

8382787The Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony was suspended one game after he waited for Kevin Garnett at the Celtics team bus. Garnett had gotten into Anthony’s head as the Celtics beat the Knicks last week. Rumors were flying around that Garnett mentioned Anthony’s wife tasted like Honey Nut Cheerios.

So James Dolan apparently had done something to “protect” Anthony. The Star-Ledger had originally reported it. Then the New York Post and ESPN New York followed up on the story. Here’s an excerpt from ESPN New York.

Owner James Dolan ordered Madison Square Garden technicians to place two microphones on opposite ends of the court, a move league sources told ESPN The Magazine’s Chris Broussard was put in place in order to protect Anthony.

The Knicks were trying to ascertain whether other players were going overboard in their trash talking against Anthony, sources told Broussard.

I guess James Dolan will do whatever it takes to protect his guy. Anthony is Dolan’s main man. After all, he basically had the Knicks give up a ton of good players just to acquire Carmelo. In any case, don’t you hear it all on the basketball court, though? Shouldn’t Carmelo be used to heckling like this? Yes, Garnett tends to go over the line at times but Melo should learn to just ignore because all KG is trying to do is getting into their heads. And some courtside fans are even worse but I’d rather not get into specifics about that.

In any case, we know that Dolan will protect Anthony but Anthony’s gotta learn to take care of himself. It shouldn’t get to the point where he has to go to an opposing team’s bus. I’m sure there are worse things said about his wife than tasting like a breakfast cereal. It’s not like Garnett said she tasted like moldy bread or prune juice.