Report: DeMarcus Cousins Not Playing At Portland On Wednesday

Report: DeMarcus Cousins Not Playing At Portland On Wednesday

1:54 pm

8493819While DeMarcus Cousins is no longer suspended (his indefinite suspension lasted all of one game), Kings beat writer Jason Jones of the Sacramento Bee has this report about the Sacramento big man.

It seems that Kings coach Keith Smart has taken the initiative to continue dealing with Cousins in his own way. Yes, Cousins is no longer suspended. But Smart is looking to discipline Cousins some more after what happened a few days ago when they lost to their Clippers. Smart is basically saying that he’s the boss and it’s his choice if Cousins gets to play or not.

We’ve documented so much of Cousins’ turbulent season over the past few weeks. Here’s a quick recap:

*Cousins was suspended two games for confronting Sean Elliott after their game against the Spurs.

*He admitted that he had no confidence with his game. This was largely
attributed to the first suspension.

*Cousins was suspended a second time this season. He sat out one game after he gave the Mavericks’ O.J. Mayo a groin punch while boxing out for a rebound. Mayo retaliated by saying that Cousins had mental issues. And that was coming from a guy who was known for his immaturity issues.

*Cousins was suspended a third time after he got into a verbal altercation with Coach Smart during their loss against the Clippers. He didn’t play in the second half of the game.

As always, we’ll keep wishing that Cousins gets it together while he’s still young. He’s such a talented guy and it’d be a waste if his career goes down the wayside because of his issues.