Report: Celtics’ Leandro Barbosa Asked Management For Release?

Report: Celtics’ Leandro Barbosa Asked Management For Release?

11:26 am

8427670Leandro Barbosa was signed on by the Boston Celtics as an insurance policy for their backcourt. For a while, Avery Bradley was out so Barbosa was able to get some playing time. But even before Bradley came back, Barbosa started piling up DNPs. And apparently, he’s not exactly happy about it.

So Barbosa had apparently asked for his release. According to ESPN Brazil, that is. Our good friends from Red’s Army has put one of the excerpts on Google Translate and this is what came up. Excuse us if the English is a little broken.

“I will not lie to you, I tried to get out several times, but Danny Ainge (general manager of the franchise) does not want to let me go. He’s a guy that comes admiring my basketball for many years. I was supposed to have got a good contract with the Boston Celtics, but did not. He will not let me go so no,” said the Brazilian.

According to Red’s Army, Barbosa is apparently being sought after by Brazilian professional teams. Barbosa wasn’t exactly sought after by NBA teams after the Summer Olympics and was signed in October by the Celtics for the minimum. It was quite a drastic paycut from his previous contract; he was paid almost $15 million in the last two years of his previous deal.

The Celtics have a guard rotation of Rajon Rondo, Bradley, Jason Terry, and Courtney Lee. For the most part, Barbosa is there as an emergency guard and probably wasn’t going to be used for most games. I’m not sure if Barbosa and Ainge came to that understanding but the Celtics have a glut of guards in the backcourt.

Leandro Barbosa is averaging career-lows nearly across the board. He’s averaging 4.9 points in just over 10 minutes per game. He was a dynamic sixth man for the Phoenix Suns as a combo guard and won the Sixth Man of the Year award in the 2006-07 season, averaging 18.1 points per game. He was then traded to the Toronto Raptors after the 2009-10 season for Hedo Turkoglu. Barbosa would then get shipped to Indiana halfway through last season for a second round draft pick. As mentioned, he signed with the Boston Celtics in October.