Ravens GM Not Ruling Out Ed Reed Returning To Baltimore

Ravens GM Not Ruling Out Ed Reed Returning To Baltimore

1:41 pm

USATSI_7552475_154224518_lowresFollowing the win over the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII, the Baltimore Ravens headed into the off-season with a few questions surrounding the  immediate future of the franchise.

One of the team’s highest priorities heading into the off-season will be re-signing veteran safety Ed Reed. The team was unable to reach a deal with Reed throughout the season and in the previous off-season, but general manager Ozzie Newsome fully intends to bring back their leader in the secondary before another team can swoop him up in free agency.

Newsome is confident the team will be able to re-sign and isn’t ruling out the return to 12-year veteran via Jamison Hensley of ESPN.com:

“I think he realizes there may be some other options out there, but I think if you watched him, if you watched his body language over the course of the last eight to 10 days that he loves being here in Baltimore,” Newsome said Thursday. “And I think we can use that to help make that relationship last a little bit longer.”

Along with attempting to re-sign Reed, the team also faces some drastic changes with the retirement of Ray Lewis and a potentially historic deal for Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco.

Lewis ends his 17-year career in the NFL with two Defensive Player of the Year awards and two Super Bowl titles ready to become an NFL analyst for ESPN. The Ravens franchise intends to build a statue in honor of Lewis in the near future paying tribute to the one player that has been with the team for almost two decades.

As for Flacco, the Ravens are doing everything within their power to sign Flacco to a new contract that will likely make him the highest-paid player in the league after leading the team to a Super Bowl title as an underdog  throughout the entire NFL playoffs.