Phil Jackson Gets Engaged With Lakers Executive VP Jeanie Buss

Phil Jackson Gets Engaged With Lakers Executive VP Jeanie Buss

12:10 pm

7066838Well, it looks like wedding bells are on the horizon soon for a longtime basketball couple. Check out what Laker Executive Vice-President, Jeanie Buss, tweeted.

Phil Jackson finally gave away a ring. Of course, not one of his 11 championship rings, but an engagement ring.

Jackson and Buss have been together since 2001. It’s been interesting considering Jackson’s conflict with the Buss family throughout the years in terms of the Lakers. Jackson was the coach for the Lakers two separate times. He coached the Lakers from 1999-2004, winning three straight championships with a Kobe Bryant/Shaquille O’Neal core.

After failing to beat the Detroit Pistons in the Finals, he left the Lakers, saying Kobe was uncoachable, among other things. Jackson would return to the Lakers in 2005, made amends, and helped guide the Kobe-led Lakers to two more championships. After failing on their bid for another three-peat, Jackson left the Lakers in 2011 after getting swept by the Dallas Mavericks in the second round of the playoffs.

After Mike Brown got fired, the Lakers were thinking of hiring Jackson for a third go-round with the squad. It was reported that the Lakers were “95 percent” going to hire Phil back, but in a surprise move, they went with former Knicks and Suns coach Mike D’Antoni. Phil Jackson described it as a midnight coup but also mentioned he had no hard feelings with the hire.

Now that Jackson’s been engaged to Miss Buss, we’re wondering how it’s going to look if Jackson does take a coaching job back. The Nets’ head coaching job may still be open and there have been rumors about him being in the mix. That could definitely be a conflict of interest. Especially if he does take the Nets job and the Nets take on the Lakers. Very interesting, indeed.

Congratulations to the newly-engaged couple!