One of the Worst Missed NHL Offside Calls Ever

One of the Worst Missed NHL Offside Calls Ever

8:39 am

USATSI_8353965_154224518_lowresThe Nashville Predators lost the Colorado Avalanche 6-5 in a close game yesterday afternoon. At the start of the second period, with the Avalanche up 2-1, Matt Duchene scored his sixth goal of the season. The problem with the goal was that Duchene was offside on the play.

It wasn’t even a close call, he was a couple feet offside and there was also a linesman right there at the blueline.

The play is not reviewable, and the NHL has already said that it should have been blown down.

“The league already verified that it should have been an offside,” Nashville coach Barry Trotz said shortly after the game.

“The explanation from the crew here was that we passed it back. We didn’t pass it back. That’s why they didn’t blow the whistle. The league’s already talked to us about it. There’s no fix. It’s just one of those things. Everybody has a bad day.”

Duchene was it little surprised that the whistle wasn’t blown

“I was shocked,” Duchene said. “Even after I shot it, I thought maybe I missed something. Like I said, I didn’t see the play. It might have been a good call by the linesman, but from what I heard, it wasn’t.”

“We’re not complaining, that’s for sure,” Duchene said.