NFL Rumors: Tennessee Titans Targeting Dwayne Bowe?

NFL Rumors: Tennessee Titans Targeting Dwayne Bowe?

10:31 am

USATSI_8260337_154224518_lowresOnce the 2013 NFL season is in the books, the Tennessee Titans will officially be able to part ways with wide receiver Kenny Britt once his contract expires.

Next season will help determine Britt’s fate in Tennessee with the often injured and controversial wideout being given one more year to prove that he’s among the league’s elite at the wide receiver position, but he might have some competition at the top spot on the depth chart with the team potentially targeting another big-name player at the position during the off-season.

The one player that the team may be targeting in free agency to bolster the receiving corps for young quarterback Jake Locker is veteran Dwayne Bowe according to Justin Stewart of

The Titans will be forced to look for another number one receiver to take his place, whether it be this year or next. If they do choose to do it this year, the Titans have some options, one of the best being WR Dwayne Bowe.

Bowe stands 6’2 with 221 lbs and has been the best thing about the Chiefs for a while. Despite having played with a variety of lackluster QB’s, most recently Matt Cassel and Brady Quinn, Bowe has put up great numbers.

Recently, future Hall of Famer Randy Moss claimed that Britt is a special player with a potentially bright future if he can get it together off the field. Moss said that Britt has the ability to become an elite receiver in the NFL and hopes that he’ll finally be able to do so next season, but time is running out for Britt will one more season in Tennessee before he’ll be cut loose if things don’t change.

Britt would actually benefit from Bowe’s presence in Tennessee with opposing defenses having to cover two deep threats therefore opening things up for the young wideout to shine. It remains to be seen whether or not the Titans will aggressively pursue Bowe, but it seems like a wise decision moving forward.