New Orleans Pelicans Announce Name Change And Unveil New Logo

New Orleans Pelicans Announce Name Change And Unveil New Logo

1:32 pm

7495463For a while now, we had been anticipating a rebranding of the New Orleans Hornets, especially after Tom Benson bought the team last year from the NBA and kept it in the city.

Hornets247.Com has been on top of this story for a while now. Benson had the name registered for a while now. The New Orleans Pelicans used to be a baseball team. According to that article from last fall, the Bensons had considered Voodoo, Brass, Krewe, and Angels in addition to Pelicans.

Well, it is all done. The New Orleans Hornets have renamed themselves the Pelicans. Here’s what Tom Benson said via The Times-Picayune.

“This isn’t something that was just done overnight,” Benson said. “This is a long process. We are not just changing the name to change the name. The Hornets name came from Charlotte. That fits in with Charlotte. It doesn’t fit into New Orleans, La., or our area here. The Hornets don’t mean anything here. We needed something that symbolizes New Orleans and Louisiana and the Gulf Coast. And nothing does that better than this name.”

The logo is front and center of the Hornets’ official home page.

The Pelicans is the state bird of Louisiana. Team officials, according to that article, also mentioned that Pelicans represent some of their biggest community efforts. Pelicans are said to be all over Louisiana. It is on their state flag, the state seal, as well as license plates.

Usually the league requires a two-year period for a name change but they decided to cut the waiting period in half. They also allowed the transition in-season, which is a first for the league as well. The New Orleans Pelicans will carry the logo and name starting the 2013-14 season.

So let’s get used to it. The Hornets are no longer in the NBA after this season. Make way for the Pelicans, everybody. And we will all get used to it. After all, this makes way more sense than the Utah Jazz and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Photo courtesy of the New Orleans Hornets official website.