Nets’ Wallace Fined For Flopping; Clippers’ Billups Gets Warning

Nets’ Wallace Fined For Flopping; Clippers’ Billups Gets Warning

2:00 pm

8276839The NBA continues to police their players when it comes to flopping. They’re serious about this.

The Nets’ Gerald Wallace got fined $5,000 for his second infraction. You can see the video here.

LeBron James made an attempt to drive in. Wallace tried to draw the charge as LeBron used his off-arm to ward him off (which could’ve been called as an offensive foul). However, Crash sent himself crashing into the floor. If you looked at it in slow-motion, Wallace moved himself to the side of Bron and threw himself to the ground after James used his off-arm. We don’t think LeBron is that strong. Since that is his second violation of the rules this season, Wallace is $5,000 lighter on his wallet.

By the way, the flop didn’t affect the game as much as the Heat beat the Nets, 102-89 last Saturday.

However, this flop by Chauncey Billups seemed more damaging. You can catch the video here.

Since this is Billups’ first violation of the rules, the Clipper guard received a warning. But this flop happened in the waning minutes of the game. With 1:14 left in the contest, Mo Williams fouled Billups on a three-point attempt. At the time, the Clippers were down, 99-97. Billups would get three foul shots because he was fouled shooting behind the arc.

But if you saw the video, Williams barely touched Billups (if at all). Billups kicked his left leg and fell as he attempted the three-pointer. The refs called it and Billups went to the line. He would make two of three foul shots. That helped the Clippers make the comeback against the Jazz as they won, 105-104. But what a costly call for the Jazz. While we always say that a play in the first minute of the game affects the contest as much as a call with one minute left, these late-game calls stand out more and are more under the microscope.

The other player that has been fined for flopping this season is Wallace’s teammate, Reggie Evans.