NBPA Executive Director Billy Hunter Placed On Leave Of Absence

NBPA Executive Director Billy Hunter Placed On Leave Of Absence

9:59 am

7569925Adrian Wojnarowski from Yahoo! Sports has followed up on the report about NBPA Executive Director Billy Hunter. It was previously reported that NBA player representatives never approved his contract. After a thorough investigation, Wojnarowski has this report about Hunter.

After a scathing internal review and a pending U.S. Attorney’s office criminal investigation, the National Basketball Players Association has placed executive director Billy Hunter on an indefinite leave of absence, Yahoo! Sports has learned.

Hunter was informed of the decision on Friday morning, and it is the first step in a process led by NBPA president Derek Fisher to have Hunter removed as executive director, sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Union general counsel Ron Klempner has taken over as interim executive director.

Hunter had signed the contract at an executive committee meeting of the NBPA on June 23, 2010 but the deal was never brought to a vote. The contract extension started on July 1, 2011, when the first day of the NBA lockout happened. The lockout would last well into November before both owners and players came into agreement. The 2011-12 season started on Christmas.

But because of this, the players kept losing their money while Hunter continued to earn his. In the end, the lockout was a loss for the players and a win for the owners. The fans definitely lost out on it, too, as it temporarily stalled the momentum of the NBA after a fantastic 2011 NBA Finals.

It had been mentioned that the business practices of the union was under investigation. NBPA President Derek Fisher had been at odds with Billy Hunter and called for his ouster. Fisher had mentioned that he will lead an interim executive and advisory committee at All-Star Weekend so they can start reorganizing the union.

Billy Hunter’s leave of absence is paid, according to Yahoo! Sports. We’ll keep you updated with this story as it continues to develop.