NBA Rumors: San Antonio Spurs Have DeJuan Blair On Trading Block

NBA Rumors: San Antonio Spurs Have DeJuan Blair On Trading Block

11:40 pm

8153863So apparently, DeJuan Blair of the San Antonio Spurs is on the block. Here’s Chris Broussard of ESPN with more.

DeJuan Blair is in a crowded frontcourt. Obviously, Tim Duncan is there but then there’s the emergence of Tiago Splitter as well as Boris Diaw and the signing of Aron Baynes. He’s playing the least minutes of his career this season at under 14 per game. San Antonio has also offered Blair up in the offseason but there were no takers.

The Boston Celtics could have interest as they lost Jared Sullinger for the season. Boston is second to last in rebounding in the league and they could certainly use Blair’s rebounding. No word on what Boston would offer but they can’t certainly offer any more guards as Rajon Rondo and now Leandro Barbosa are out for the season.

Portland is in the middle pack on the boards and they can certainly use Blair as well. Blair would be a big help considering LaMarcus Aldridge doesn’t exactly have a real back-up. Blair is a pretty good scorer and definitely an outstanding rebounder. Plus Portland could use a little bit of scoring, too, as they are in the middle of the pack on that.

As for Miami, they’re problems in the middle are well-documented. They just signed Chris Andersen for the rest of the season to help with their rebounding, which is last in the league. But they can use some scoring in the middle, too.

Any of the teams didn’t really mention who they were offering up for Blair. But I suppose we’ll see what happens before the trading deadline as the rumors start to heat up.

Blair averages 5.3 points and 3.9 rebounds for the Spurs in 38 games. He’s started 15 of those games so far.