NBA Rumors: Royce White Not Happy With The Rockets

NBA Rumors: Royce White Not Happy With The Rockets

9:15 am

7835231This is confusing.

So Royce White, chosen 16th overall in the first round by the Houston Rockets, missed practice on Tuesday after plans were made about sending him down to the D-League.

Through Mark Berman’s (@MarkBermanFox26) Twitter account, White released this statement.

“In hindsight, perhaps it was not a good idea to be open & honest about my anxiety disorder-due to the current situations at hand that involve the nature of actions from the Houston Rockets. As a rookie, I want to settle into a team & make progress; but since preseason the Rockets have been inconsistent w/ their agreement to proactively create a healthy & successful relationship. At this point the Rockets r aware of my position & the reason for my absense. Any other response is inaccurate. This is important to me. It is a health issue. I must advocate for my rights. It is a player-commodity league. The failure to meet my requests for support will end with me being unhealthy & that is not a consequence that I am willing to accept to play any sport.”

Royce has continued to voice his displeasure on his Twitter account (@highway_30). And quite honestly, I really don’t know what’s going on. Here are some of his tweets.

I just know this: Royce White isn’t happy about the way he’s being treated by the Rockets. I just know that he has anxiety issues. Houston is doing everything they can to accommodate him but, apparently, it hasn’t been enough.

This was the reason teams shied away from drafting him. They know he has a lot of baggage. And the Rockets were the team that took a chance on him. Again, nobody really knows what’s going on and we can only hope that they can resolve this issue soon.