NBA Rumors: Evan Turner Being Shopped Around By The Sixers?

NBA Rumors: Evan Turner Being Shopped Around By The Sixers?

2:32 pm

8487722Teams are getting ready to make some moves for the trading deadline, which is in February 21st. The trading deadline in the last few years have been pretty noisy. Are we going to see the same thing this season?

Philadelphia is thinking of making a move. Check out what Marc Stein of ESPN had to say on his Weekend Dime column.

The Sixers, sources say, are open to a shakeup as they continue to wait for the return of Andrew Bynum to give All-Star point guard Jrue Holiday some badly needed help. And I’m told Philly, as such, is shopping (or at least making calls to gauge the value of) swingman Evan Turner.

Jrue Holiday has been outstanding this season, averaging 19.3 points and 8.9 assists this season. But the Sixers have had some injury hits on their roster. We all know about Andrew Bynum, who has been out all season with his knee problems. Thaddeus Young is out for three weeks with a hamstring injury. And Jason Richardson is knocked out for the rest of the season as he will have knee surgery next week.

So the Sixers are looking for a shake-up. The Sixers don’t have a go-to guy on the offense under than Holiday, and he’s the point guard. Bynum would’ve been the guy but he’s been hurt all year. Evan Turner hasn’t exactly lived up to his #2 pick standing and has been up and down this season. The Sixers’ patience on Turner might be running out soon (if it hasn’t already) so it was right for them to assess his value.

The Sixers are at 21-27 and are four games behind the eighth spot. They’re probably looking for another playoff push hence the supposed shopping of Evan Turner. But it’s really tough being stuck in the middle of the pack, which is the worst place to be in the NBA.