NBA Rumor: Clippers Trying To Acquire Kevin Garnett From Celtics

NBA Rumor: Clippers Trying To Acquire Kevin Garnett From Celtics

9:21 am

8429999With Rajon Rondo and Jared Sullinger out for the season, there is talk about the Boston Celtics possibly blowing things up. There’s a rumor going around about Kevin Garnett possibly going somewhere. Here’s Sean Deveney from The Sporting News:

BOSTON—Multiple sources tell Sporting News the Los Angeles Clippers are making a push to acquire center Kevin Garnett from the Boston Celtics. Team officials have been talking ahead of Sunday’s game in Boston.

Kevin Garnett has a rare no-trade clause so he can easily say no to this. But I don’t see why he wouldn’t say no to this; the Clippers are an up-and-coming team and could be a championship contender this season while the Celtics are a sinking team. Garnett is loyal to a fault and would never ask for a trade (he did stay a dozen years in Minnesota) but I’m sure he would love one more chance at a title. Going to the Clippers would do that.

But we still don’t know what the Celtics are going to do. The team is pretty streaky this season and I feel like they were going to try to win it all one more time with the current crew they have. That is, until they lost Rondo and then Sullinger in one week. If they are still in the belief of winning it all, they are not going to make this move. The Celtics would have to keep Garnett if they still think they can do it. It’s ludicrous, really, that they would still try to win it all but they’ve been doing this in the last few years. And Garnett’s the emotional leader and the player that holds the Celtics’ defense together.

If the Celtics do this trade, a defensive backcourt of Avery Bradley and Eric Bledsoe is, in a word, awesome. But if teams get past that defense, Garnett wouldn’t be there to man the middle. It really wouldn’t matter as much. And what role would Caron Butler play, who plays the same position as Paul Pierce?

As for the Clippers (who reportedly asked for this deal), Garnett would be awesome inside and could really improve their defense. This would also show Chris Paul, a free agent this summer, that the organization is serious about winning the title. Of course, Bledsoe is also Paul’s back-up and if Paul decided to flee, they would have neither player. Still, the Clips figured getting Garnett would keep CP3 in L.A. But would Garnett come off the bench or start? After all, DeAndre Jordan does start and is having a very good season.

The Celtics beat a CP3-less Clippers on Sunday, 106-104. Garnett ended up with 12 points and five rebounds for Boston. Bledsoe had 23 points for the Clips while Caron Butler had 18.

UPDATE: The trade doesn’t seem likely, according to a couple of reporters.

First, here’s Paul Flannery of SB Nation. Flannery used to work for WEEI in Boston.

The trade rumor that made the rounds before the game started — Garnett for Caron Butler and Eric Bledsoe — was floated from the Clippers’ perspective, but the Celtics don’t have any interest. It would take a lot more than that to get KG out of Boston and that’s before anyone gets around to asking him if he wanted to waive his no-trade clause to make it happen. You’ve heard it said many times before: KG changed the culture. Those aren’t idle words.

And here’s Ramona Shelburne from ESPN L.A.

So there’s that. But still, stay tuned. Smoke screens are pretty common when it comes to deals like this.