NBA Player Reps Never Approved Union Leader Hunter’s Contract

NBA Player Reps Never Approved Union Leader Hunter’s Contract

9:55 am

nbaWell, here’s something that may bring NBPA Executive Director Billy Hunter to question. Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports brings us another bomb. Check out the report:

National Basketball Players Association executive director Billy Hunter and union general counsel Gary Hall failed to get proper player representative approval for a five-year, $15 million contract extension for Hunter in 2010, Yahoo! Sports has learned.

Billy Hunter actually signed the contract at an executive committee meeting of the NBPA on June 23, 2010. But the deal was never brought to a vote. This contract extension started on July 1st, 2011, when the first day of the NBA lockout happened. The lockout would last into late November before both owners and players came into agreement and the season would start on Christmas.

However, while the players kept losing their money, Hunter would earn more and more money. In the end, the lockout was a loss for the players and a win for the owners. It was most definitely a loss for the fans, too, as it temporarily stalled the momentum the NBA had after an excellent 2011 NBA Finals.

Apparently, in that meeting that took place on June 2010, there was no item that included the finalization of Hunter’s contract. But the executive committee met up with Hunter and got his extension done. And the players had no legal representation.

It’s been mentioned that the business practices of the union is under investigation. NBPA President Derek Fisher has been at odds with Billy Hunter and has called for his ouster.

And among other things, like the extension that was never approved and family nepotism, those may be grounds for Billy Hunter’s contract to be terminated because of having no legal agreement. And as told to Yahoo! Sports, Hunter’s contract calls for him to be terminated for cause only in the event of embezzlement, theft, or fraud.

There will be more about this as the story develops.