NBA Play of the Day: Wizards’ Guard Bradley Beal Is The Real...

NBA Play of the Day: Wizards’ Guard Bradley Beal Is The Real Deal

1:28 pm

8486309It’s been a trying year for the Washington Wizards. Actually, that’s quite an understatement. Going into Monday’s contest, the Wizards were a league-worst 4-28. Worse yet, they were going against the team with the best record in the NBA, the Oklahoma City Thunder, who were a tidy 26-7 going into their contest against the Wizards. I had made fun of the game earlier that day saying that maybe the Wizards/Thunder was main event material.

Well, I should probably stop making fun of the Washington Wizards.

The Thunder played a terrible game throughout. Washington actually led OKC by nine points with about five minutes left to go. An upset was brewing. Of course, being the Wizards, I half-expected them to blow the lead, especially against a championship-contending team like the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Sure enough, the Thunder turned it on. Russell Westbrook led off with a three-pointer. Then Kevin Durant stole the ball and got it to Thabo Sefolosha for a fastbreak dunk. Durant followed it up with a thunderous dunk of his own and then tied the game with a clutch three-pointer with 36 seconds left.

The Wizards were going to be robbed of victory once again. A.J. Price would miss a short jumper but the Wizards got the offensive rebound. Maybe things were finally going to go the Wizards’ way!

With 12.2 seconds left, rookie Bradley Beal was put on isolation. Kendrick Perkins quickly helped Sefolosha as the Wizards attempted a pick-and-roll and double-teamed Beal. Beal faked a shot and both Thunder players bit on it. He then put up a leaning jumper right above the free throw line. The shot went in with 0.3 seconds left as the Wizards took a two-point lead. The Thunder couldn’t put up a good shot with that little time remaining and the Wizards stole back victory from OKC.

Beal has been pretty clutch as of late. He made a game-tying three-pointer against the Brooklyn Nets to send the game to a second overtime. And against the Thunder, he makes the game-winning jumper against them. Pretty cold stuff, Bradley Beal. You may be the real deal, after all.

And this is why they play the games. The team with the worst record in the league beat the team with the best record in the league. Sports are fun.