NBA Play Of The Day: The Lakers Did It Again In 0.4...

NBA Play Of The Day: The Lakers Did It Again In 0.4 Seconds

9:04 am

84899160.4 seconds. Does that look familiar? To Laker fans, it does. We all remember that one moment in the 2004 NBA Playoffs when Derek Fisher defeated the San Antonio Spurs with a miraculous shot with 0.4 seconds remaining. It will be a shot Laker fans will remember forever.

Well, in this situation, it wasn’t exactly a playoff game. Heck, it wasn’t even the end of the game. But during Super Bowl Sunday, the Los Angeles Lakers were pitted against the Detroit Pistons. There were 0.4 seconds left before the half with the Lakers leading, 60-51. Kobe Bryant, who normally takes these kinds of shots, was inbounding the ball. The Lakers probably wished they had Derek Fisher to bail them out again.

But they didn’t need Fisher for this play because I’m pretty sure he’s unable to do this kind of athletic move. Jonas Jerebko made the mistake of taking his eye off the Lakers’ Earl Clark. Clark ran to the rim while Kobe threw the perfect inbounds pass. Earl caught the lob from Kobe and easily put the dunk in. What a play by the Lakers.

Kobe looked frustrated during the inbounds play, too. But he was able to find Clark on that cut. So if you wanted the perfect play with 0.4 seconds left, there you go. That’s definitely much easier than what Fisher did nearly nine years ago.

The Lakers got away with a one-point win against the Pistons. So maybe this play ended up being some sort of game-winner, after all. Good thing they executed this one to perfection. Good pass, Kobe. Good cut and dunk, Earl Clark.