NBA Play of the Day: Terrence Ross With The Putback Reverse Jam

NBA Play of the Day: Terrence Ross With The Putback Reverse Jam

9:30 am

8490016You know who needs to be in the dunk contest? The Toronto Raptors’ Terrence Ross.

The game was pretty much academic as the Brooklyn Nets were beating the Raptors, 107-95, with less than two minutes to go on this Tuesday night game. So they were pretty much winding the game down.

Kyle Lowry was bringing down the ball. John Lucas III made a curl to the left elbow as Landry Fields set a screen for his man. That was a nice little play to work on since the game was pretty much over. Lucas missed the shot badly to the left.

Terrence Ross went for the rebound and was underneath the rim. He snatched up the ball as his body went to the other side of the rim and was able to put it through the hoop with a reverse jam. It was pretty unbelievable. It’s something you may see in a video game but not in a real life NBA game.

The timing, the hops, the catch… everything was just perfect. I’m not sure how he was actually able to time that one but it looked as if he was going to do a reverse jam without the ball. Did he really know Lucas was going to miss like that? I doubt it but what a play that was.

The Nets would go on to beat the Raptors, 113-106. But Terrence Ross gets the play of the game for that incredible reverse jam. I hope we do see him in the dunk contest and hope that he can give much spark to that event.