NBA Play Of The Day: Spurs Guard Danny Green Takes It To...

NBA Play Of The Day: Spurs Guard Danny Green Takes It To The Hole

1:48 pm

84873548487354Both games last night were blowouts. While the Heat/Bulls was really more of one team suffocating another defensively, the Spurs beat the Clippers with an offense that looked like a well-oiled machine.

One of the plays included this: Boris Diaw was at the top waiting for something to happen. That something was Danny Green cutting to the basket as he beat Eric Bledsoe. Green went straight to the basket and nobody was able to stop him. Grant Hill could only watch. Eric Bledsoe tried but failed. Bledsoe collided with Green on the way down and Green was lucky he didn’t get hurt.

Still, what a cut and dunk by Green. And good recognition by Boris Diaw, who is one of the more underrated playmakers in the game today.

Plays like this and playmakers like Diaw are a couple of the reasons why the San Antonio Spurs have been very good year in and year out. This season has been no exception.

Good pass, Boris. Good dunk, Danny.