NBA Play Of The Day: Rudy Gay’s Jumper Beats The Pacers In...

NBA Play Of The Day: Rudy Gay’s Jumper Beats The Pacers In OT

2:34 pm

7834874The Toronto Raptors and their fans were pretty excited to get Rudy Gay in a trade last week. They must have envisioned his play against the Pacers Friday night in their minds ever since he got there.

Rudy Gay’s play was proceeded by a wild sequence that saw Amir Johnson send the game to overtime after four points in six seconds; the Raptors were down, 90-86, with 10 seconds left. The sequence included an Amir tip-in, a David West turnover on the inbounds pass, and Amir tipping in his own miss at the buzzer.

This would set the stage later for Gay. The Pacers and Raptors were tied at 98. The Raptors inbounded the pass to Kyle Lowry with 10 seconds left. Lowry handed the ball off to Gay. Paul George was hounding the new Raptors forward. Then Gay went to the right and pulled up for a jumper. The jumper was true with 1.7 seconds left. That gave the Raptors a 100-98 lead. George would try to counter but his lean-in jumper went in and out. The Raptors stole the game from the Pacers

The Raptors are certainly happy to have Rudy Gay on their team, especially after plays like that. They hope that they can sustain this play throughout his stay there.