NBA Play of the Day: Rockets’ Delfino Makes The Spectacular Pass

NBA Play of the Day: Rockets’ Delfino Makes The Spectacular Pass

8:02 am

7243808The Rockets these days are known for their offensive and fast-NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Houston Rocketsbreaking ways. With James Harden, Jeremy Lin, and Chandler Parsons leading the way, it’s fun to see Houston run, run, and run. The Rockets are second in points scored and seventh in offensive rating.

But who do we have in this video? Carlos Delfino and Omer Asik? Delfino isn’t exactly Rajon Rondo and Asik isn’t exactly an offensive god.

It was the third quarter of Monday night’s game between the Atlanta Hawks and the Houston Rockets. Carlos Delfino brought the ball down. Asik immediately went to set a screen but it was barely a slip before he took off. Delfino was double-teamed by Kyle Korver and Josh Smith. Al Horford took his eyes off Omer. Asik took a wide right turn and went to the basket.

Delfino made a nice bounce pass to Asik for the dunk.

Now at first glance, it seems like a very nice pick-and-roll play. But look at the replay.

Delfino’s pass went through the legs of Al Horford. How accurate is that? So this play that was very good? It was actually spectacular. It was a two-handed, backhanded bounce pass from Carlos Delfino. He made the pass between Kyle Korver and Josh Smith… and then it went through the legs of Al Horford. How fantastic is that pass? Easy dunk by Omer Asik.

The Rockets went on to beat the Hawks, 123-104. James Harden did lead the Rockets with 28 points. But Carlos Delfino, who came off the bench as he usually did, stole the show with 22 points and eight assists. And that bounce pass that he did to Omer Asik was a showstopper. Sometimes, I didn’t even think Delfino knew how to pass the ball, let alone make an excellent, difficult bounce pass like he did on the last day of 2012.