NBA Play of the Day: Ricky Rubio Returns To Dazzle All Of...

NBA Play of the Day: Ricky Rubio Returns To Dazzle All Of Us

8:00 am

8409197This guy just came back, for crying out loud. In his season debut, he threw the most incredible pass of the season.

There’s something wild about Ricky Rubio’s passes. He just seems to throw outstanding angles on his passes and knows where everybody is on the court. This is why NBA teams sought to get him even when he was just a teenager.

Rubio didn’t start in his first game back but he came in late in the first quarter. He immediately came in and made an impact, getting his first assist after he found J.J. Barea under the basket with a nice bounce pass. However, it was the next assist that was really, really awesome.

Greg Stiemsma handed the ball to Rubio at the top of the key and gave him a pick. It was basically a delayed pick-and-roll. Stiemsma would cut to the basket a little later than usual as Elton Brand, who was usually guarding Stiemsma, picked up Rubio. Rubio faked a three and went to the left just as Stiemsma cut.

Rubio bounced the ball between his legs… and through Elton Brand’s legs… to the open Stiemsma under the basket. Stiemsma made the easy lay-in.

Yes, read that again. That pass was between Rubio’s legs and Brand’s legs. Watch it over and over. It’s an amazing pass.

It seemed like it was the only plausible angle to do it; there was a gap between Brand and Derek Fisher but it wasn’t the best angle for a bounce pass. Somehow, that pass between both players’ legs was perfect and to make that pass with incredible accuracy… I mean, what can you say? No, seriously. What can you say?

Ricky Rubio was given a playing time limit; he actually played more than his limit (his limit was 16 minutes; he played 18). But he definitely made an impact on the game. Rubio finished with eight points and nine assists as the Minnesota Timberwolves beat the Dallas Mavericks, 114-106, in overtime.

Welcome back, Ricky Rubio. And what a return it was.