NBA Play of the Day: Mavs’ Vince Carter Shows He Can Still...

NBA Play of the Day: Mavs’ Vince Carter Shows He Can Still Dunk

10:00 am

8463604Remember when Vince Carter used to thrill audiences with dunk after dunk after dunk? Remember the 2000 NBA Slam Dunk contest? Remember his 360 dunks that went the other way? Remember the windmill jams he would do at ease. Remember the between-the-legs dunks? Remember the honey dip? Remember him jumping over a 7’2″ Frenchman? I miss that Vince Carter, who was also, once upon a time, considered one of the best players in the NBA. He made basketball exciting for Canada for a few years before he was traded to New Jersey. Carter has been a journeyman since but we will never forget his awesome dunks. Many critics consider him to be the best NBA dunker of all-time.

Well, on the first day of 2013, we had a little flashback.

The Mavericks visited the Wizards on Tuesday night. Early in the game, Carter gave us a little preview. He proved he can still throw it down by getting a rebound two-handed dunk early in the game.

In the fourth quarter, the Mavs were up, 99-92, with a little more than a minute left. Vince Carter had the ball on the wing with recent Wiz acquisition Garrett Temple guarding him. Elton Brand set a screen on Temple then Carter found himself a wide open lane in the middle. Vince took it to the hole and gave us a vintage lean-in jam. Hey, it’s not as high as it used to be but it was still pretty sweet. Vinsanity (remember that?!) can still throw it down.

That dunk basically put away the Wizards. Dallas would go on to win the game, 103-94, largely to Vince Carter, who had a throwback performance of 23 points. And, of course, that throwback dunk was all kinds of sweet.

The Mavericks also snapped their six-game losing streak. So that’s even sweeter for Vince Carter and the Mavericks.