NBA Play of the Day: Mavs’ Collison Makes Wacky Buzzer-Beater

NBA Play of the Day: Mavs’ Collison Makes Wacky Buzzer-Beater

9:00 am

8392461This was one of the more wackier buzzer-beaters you will ever see.

It was the Dallas Mavericks playing against the Thunder in Oklahoma City. The Thunder had stormed back to take a 98-95 lead. There were 2.2 seconds left in the clock.

It was a real crazy sequence. Shawn Marion inbounded the ball to Vince Carter, who immediately lost the ball. The ball caromed back to Marion, who inexplicably went inside the key. He immediately passed to Darren Collison, who had one leg up in the air. Once Collison received the ball, he released it despite his left leg being off the ground. Collison didn’t look too confident releasing the basketball.

The ball went in. And Collison’s right foot was behind the arc. It was a three-pointer that tied it.

Obviously, that was the way Rick Carlisle drew it up, right? But that was a brutal sequence. Marion went inside the three-point line and Collison had the presence of mind to immediately release it when he got the ball. And somehow, the shot went in. It was like a bad alley-oop play that went well. It was just Darren Collison’s night that game.

But it wasn’t the Mavericks’ night. Dallas went on to lose the game in overtime, 111-105 (thank Kevin Durant, who went for 40 points). Darren Collison’s 32 points weren’t enough (he was three shy of his career-high). But what a thrilling game that was.

Collison’s three is probably up there with the craziest buzzer-beaters of all-time. I mean, his left leg was already off the floor. He basically had to play volleyball with that thing. It was a broken play that somehow went well.

Too bad, it wasn’t enough for them to win the game. I suppose they can settle for the Play of the Day, right? Nah, that’s not really much of a consolation prize.